Our mission is to become the leading early-stage enabler in the MENA region and globally.

Experts in acceleration

Helped more than 1,000 companies to be investment ready.

Specialists in scaling ventures

We specialize in scaling innovative startups, combining strategic investment with mentorship to drive success in the tech sector.

We understand early stage

Our expertise lies in providing both capital and strategic guidance to innovative founders.

Ongoing acceleration

We support founders at the beginning of their journey until the exit, should they choose to.

Sector Agnostic • First-Cheque In • Early Stage Startups • 

Sector Agnostic • First-Cheque In • Early Stage Startups • 

Eng. Mohammed Al Rasbi, Founder & GP

Steering Committee Member, Omantel Innovations Lab
Technical Committee Member, Omani Rising Startups Program

Mohammed Al Rasbi is a leading Omani entrepreneur with a rich history in the IT sector since 2003. His expertise has driven significant digital initiatives in Oman.

Formerly at the Oman Technology Fund, Mohammed has invested and accelerated the growth of over 140 startups in the Middle East.

Currently, he manages a portfolio of 90 startups with the Fund and leads R&D Labs and setting up R&D Capital, aiming to boost early-stage startups in the global arena.

He collaborates with both public and private sectors to enhance regional startup ecosystem. A George Washington University graduate in Mechanical Engineering.

R&D Team

Experienced investment professionals

A combined 150+ years of industry experience, providing a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Knowledge of the startup ecosystem and market dynamics

We understand the unique challenges and opportunities of the entrepreneurial journey.

Network of industry experts and mentors

With backgrounds in technology, finance, and operations, offering invaluable support and guidance to our portfolio companies.

Strong track record

Driving growth and value creation for portfolio companies, illustrating our commitment to their success.

Sector Agnostic • First-Cheque In • Early Stage Startups • 

Sector Agnostic • First-Cheque In • Early Stage Startups • 

For more details, please contact:

Eng. Mohammed Al Rasbi

Founder & General Partner

Email: labs[at]rd.co.om